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About MJ

Early Years

My first taste of tennis was at the age of three years old, when my parents joined David Lloyd Sports Club. I regularly participated in organised club sessions and the experience was both fun and enriching. It felt exhilarating to be so excited about one sport.

By the age of four I displayed a keen interest in tennis and coaches thought I had a natural ability for it. It was decided to source a coach for further progress; Steve Mackeil (Head Coach of the Junior Programme at that time) was approached and the coaching began. I was on a full-time training programme under Steve’s supervision; because of his guidance and coaching I made good progress.


I started competing and performed very well in my age group. Whilst playing In a tournament, I was spotted by Monica Becerra (Head Coach – Junior Programme - Gosling High Performance Centre); who swiftly offered me a place in their full time training programme.

I was delighted and fortunate to be exposed to such excellent junior players by the age of seven, that consequently my progress took an uphill turn. In 2011 Gosling Performance Centre exchanged hands and we were sent to a different club to carry on with our training. This unfortunately, led to my full-time training being interrupted.

I then, upon my own initiative began to train with the support of Janmeet Singh, (a performance coach from the Delhi High Performance Centre); with his coaching, I maintained my performance and continued to progress.

Aged 13...

In 2013, I was offered a place at Batchwood High Performance Centre with the one to one support of Jamie Fallis (an ex professional player). In 2016, after my GCSE’s, I joined the Top Tennis High Performance Centre in Czech Republic on a full-time basis, where professional tennis players such as: Petra Kvitove, Anna Korzeniak and Sergej Stakhovsky, trained. My training programme was specially designed to enable me to progress and achieve my highest potential.

My Mission

As a tennis player, I strive to take my game to the International Level. I therefore, seek, relish and value the opportunity to be around like-minded players who are prepared to train hard and compete hard. I believe with the right support and guidance I will grow to become a successful professional tennis player; and an excellent inspirational role model for future tennis players.

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